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Are you tired if waiting FOREVER for a web page to load or a file to download?

    • Turbo Surfer automatically optimizes your internet connection boosting your internet speed by up to 220%.
    • Turbo Surfer optimizes your PC's internet connections to maximum efficiency.
    • Web pages will load faster.
    • You can send and receive email much faster.
    • You will get quicker downloads of MP3s, AVI files, graphics, movies, and more.
    • File transfers, online games and all internet related software will perform faster.
    • You'll get faster internet speeds without buying costly hardware, or a new computer.
    • Works with all browsers, including Explorer, Netscape.
    • Works with ALL connections - America Online, Cable Modem, ALL phone modems, even DSL.

Turbo Charge your internet connection speed quickly and easily Guaranteed!

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One User Said...

"I signed up and ran the software. Immediately I noticed a dramatic difference in the Internet speed!

Now I browse the Internet at twice the normal speed!

Every page I go to, loads faster than I ever imagined. I would recommend Proxyconn to any dial-up user"

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